Sinusitis is a very common problem, with Acute Sinusitis frequently occurring after upper respiratory tract infections.

Occasionally, acute sinusitis can develop into a chronic picture - Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS). This condition can lead to many days taken off work, with the associated health economics issues.

Sinus conditions can also exacerbate pulmonary (lung) problems, eg asthma.

Tumours of the nose and sinuses are uncommon, but do occur, and may present with similar symptoms to sinusitis. They are also managed in conjunction with other hospital departments.

Patients with symptoms of nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, headaches/facial pain, smell disorders, or 'post-nasal drip' may have sinus problems which can be assessed.

The key aspect of good sinus surgery is the opening of the sinus drainage pathways, whilst preserving the mucosa (lining) of this pathways as much as possible. This prevents scarring of this area, and narrowing of these openings.

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